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"All Tracker" App for the best key finder in 2018


Good news to everybody

Swalle R&D department release the newest application "All Tracker" for the new key finder S866 S888, which is the second stable app got much good feedback from customers.

All Tracker works with bluetooth 4.0 ready smart mobile phone and tablet, can compatible with all smart devices with IOS 8.0+ and Android 4.3+ system. It can be used as a key finder, anti-lost alarm and selfie remote shutter.Attached the new key finder to your key or any other valuble items you don't want to lose.

The simple and nice screen interface of App "All Tracker" is more welcomed by users. you can choose the photo of your and your family as the home page of app.

all-tracker-ios (1)_副本.jpg

Where to down load the app?

Please go to Apple Store and search "All Tracker ", or please click here


How to use All Tracker?

Please visit the videoes below:

For IOS:


For Android: