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Amazing Smart Video Doorbell


Smart video doorbell is not simple

The reason why video doorbell can attract everyone's attention is that smart doorbell and traditional doorbell have completely different definitions. Unlike traditional doorbells, which can only be used for knocking, doorbell camera have more possibilities. Smart doorbell can be used as a base station to integrate more features. The security monitoring system is the top priority of the Internet in smart home applications. It is effectively connected through surveillance cameras, window sensors, video door phone (built-in cameras), and infrared monitors. Users can view  the real-time situation indoor and guarantee residential safety.

Today, our mian lead is Swalle two-way audio video doorbell, which is a visual + smart + call doorbell, next we will go to see how the Swalle remote doorbell guards our home security.

smart-doorbell-swalle (2).jpg

The Swalle ring doorbell has the following advantages:

1. Remote Notification

Jingle will be connected to WIFI network. When open Jingle APP on phone, message will be sent to your phone if visitor presses the bell. After receive the message on your phone, you can choose the video function to start a visual conversation.

2. Motion Detection

With PIR(pyroelectric infrared sensor), if someone passes your door, Jingle will take photo automatically and upload it to sever 24 hours, your phone will receive a reminding message at the same time.

3. Real-time Monitoring

Monitor the condition outside the door through the smart phone App, acknowledge the surrounding environment forwardly, and can take and save photos locally.

4. Infrared Night Vision

Can detect the brightness of the surrounding environment automatically, and then the double optical filters can switch to night vision function.

5. Review Video

Visitor knock the door through the Jingle or someone pass by, can make video automatically, review the video on the smartphone, (not including TF card).


6. Long Time Stand by 

Lower power consumption WIFI, micro-ampere level under standby mode. Use time is up to 6 months. (Based on 10 times per day, 10 seconds each time.)

7.Li-ion 18650 battery for recharge, no cable need and easily assemble.

More functions, waiting for your experience.

Any more information please send inquiry to: sales@swalle.com