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Swalle Pet Finder helps People Find their Pets


Swalle Pet Finder helps People Find their Pets

Dog finder is necessary for pet lovers who lost their dog. Also it is suit for cats or other pets when they are missing and getting out of your sights.

What we can do when the pet is missing?

First. Keep Relax. The feeling of losing track of your cat can be nerve-racking. But in most cases, you will find your pet hiding inside the house or under the bed.

Second. Search the places it usually stay. Once you find your pet is missing, start searching inside your house and check their usual hiding spots.

Third. Use a Bluetooth tracker. If you often need to find your pets, pets tracker can help you find it few seconds via your smart phone.

If your pet likes to hide inside or around the house, a pet tracker like Swalle would be a good solution.

dog finder-2.png

How to use Swalle Pet finder?


Just attach Swalle key finder to your pet’s collar.


Use the key finder app to ring the Swalle tracker.


Follow the sound of Swalle key tracker and find your hiding pet.

Here we hope that no more pets missing again, and use a key finder to find them easily