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Smart door is an unstoppable trend


Smart door is an unstoppable trend

Smart doorbell can bring great convenience to people's lives. However, with the increasing number of smart locks in the market, in order to capture more consumers, manufacturers of smart door locks will also vigorously promote their products and exaggerate the function of the product, and it is very likely brought the consumer into the shopping error. Therefore, consumers should pay more attention when purchasing products.

Recently, the smart home market has been buzzing. Samsung, danalock, and Dingye have all made their debuts in the market, and the “entry” battle in the smart home market has been upgraded again.

In the building of the Red Star Meikailong Yalu Lock Store on North China Street, the reporter saw that there are more than ten video doorbell products. A salesperson is introducing the product to the customer who selects the lock. When the salesperson's finger slides on the touchscreen of the lock, the number on the screen is displayed. "This product has functions such as scratching fingerprint identification, virtual password, automatic door lock, etc. Scratch fingerprint identification function can effectively prevent fingerprints from remaining on the lock and be copied; while the virtual password means that you can enter a few digits in front of or behind the correct password to prevent the password from being stolen by someone.In addition, this smart lock also has a bedding automatic alarm function, when the lock tongue is forced to move, there is an alarm sounds from the lock.” The salesman said, forcing a small bolt on the smart lock. At this time, the smart lock issued a “beep” alarm.

According to reports, ring doorbell camera as an early product of China's smart home products, although the market is booming, but the industry standard has been in a blank stage. The lack of standards is the main reason for the current problems of smart lock products. In order to further standardize the development of the electronic anti-theft lock industry and improve the overall quality and grade of electronic anti-theft lock products in China, the Ministry of Public Security’s Security and Police Electronic Product Quality Testing Center and the China National Hardware Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance jointly initiated the “Electronic Anti-theft Lock the new standard" revision work. At present, the "Electronic anti-theft lock new standard" has completed the first draft, and it is in the review stage.

"The implementation of the standard will activate the further development of the electronic smart lock market in China." The relevant person in charge of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce stated that the issuance of the "Electronic anti-theft lock new standard" is not only a basis for providing services to China's electronic smart lock enterprises, but also regulates the industrial market. It is also a guarantee of people's livelihood security. Door locks involve family security. If companies blindly pursue novelty intelligence, there is no security for the products. This will be a great harm to the people.

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