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VoiceAI—Artificial Intelligence is a Trend


Study Artificial Intelligence Company VoiceAI: "One Word" behind the empowerment of Indonesia's social security

On May 2nd, 2018, the Indonesian government officially launched its new generation pension certification system, which uses remote fingerprint, face, voiceprint and other biometric identification technologies to achieve remote identification. It is worth mentioning that this is the first time that voiceprint recognition technology has been applied to state-level social security programs. Old people in Indonesia can complete remote authentication by simply saying “one sentence” at home to the mobile phone. Can be greatly reduced. Surprisingly, but more proudly, the core technology of voiceprint recognition in the project actually came from a Chinese artificial intelligence company called VoiceAI.

Dr. Chen Dongpeng as the chief technology officer tells us: people-oriented science and technology, cutting-edge technology services in all walks of life, and ultimately to serve people and implement them in the real life of people; the future of VoiceAI will continue to deepen in the field of artificial intelligence voice Explore on the move and strive to "make it simple and easy to make," and let "one word" provide more benefits for the industry and bring people more smart, convenient, and safe lives. Dr. Chen Dongpeng also hopes that friends who are interested in the recognition of artificial intelligence and voiceprints can contact VoiceAI so that we can work together to bring more value to society.

This shows that artificial intelligence is a trend, a direction for future development, and a part of our lives.